19 September 2005

Redox control breakthrough with launch of Redostat™

An innovative product guaranteed to assist scientists in fields as diverse as medicine, mining and the environment, by controlling and recording the oxidation-reduction potential in experiments will be launched at the International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium, 25 – 29 September 2005.

The Redostat™ system maintains the redox potential, a master variable in many chemical and industrially important reactions by using electrical current as an oxidising or reducing agent.

Designed to specifically address the problems of scientists that arise with variation of redox potential during experiments, Redostat™ has chemical, environmental, biochemical and biotechnology applications, specifically in areas such as mineral leaching, bacterial growth, acid mine drainage, and medical studies.

Redostat units have already been sold to amongst other: A & M University in Texas, University of Cape Town and Mintek. Researchers at A & M University in Texas are using Redostat™ to study the growth of bacteria on Martian soil.

Experimental design has been published and the results from this design have led to the most clear and thorough information on the role of bacteria in the leaching process to date.

Dr Frank Crundwell, inventor of the Redostat™ says: "At last scientists can maximise their time in the lab by having access to a reliable experimental apparatus which significantly increases the accuracy of experiments, particularly for the careful study of critical reactions that are dependent on redox potential. What is exciting for the industry is that Redostat™ will enable researchers to conduct unique experiments, charting unexplored worlds!"

The Redostat™ package incorporates instrumentation and control systems in a compact bench unit. Other features include: a computer control and an experiment chamber for control of redox potential, pH control, temperature control, agitator speed indicator, dissolved oxygen measurement.

Redostat™ is available from Danntech Precision Instruments (Pty) Ltd – 011 792 1239.


Notes to Editors
More about Redostat™

  • Redostat™ is a registered trademark of Danntech Precision Instruments (Pty) Ltd
  • Danntech produces world-class precision laboratory equipment to researchers globally

For further information, photography or an opportunity to interview Dr Frank Crundwell, contact: Natascha Uberbacher on 072 531 9717 or natascha.uberbacher@redostat.com