Redostat™ – a quick overview

1. Redostat™ factfile

What is Redostat™?

Bring sophisticated innovation to your with lab with the Redostat™- a versatile apparatus that can be configured for a large variety of experiments. It controls redox potential during experiments with the aim of getting more precise data. The Redostat™ control system maintains the redox potential by directly oxidising or reducing the solution contents by an electrical current, instead of adding an oxidising or reducing agent that would further complicate the chemical composition of the experiment.

The high precision of the measurements and the control system, removes the uncertainty from one of the key master variables, which means that you can:

  • perform experiments that are repeatable
  • with conclusions that are reliable.

Where does the name come from?

Redox – reduction oxidation
Stat – keeping constant or static
Follows well-known format i.e.: chemostat, potentiostat, galvanostat

Who is the manufacturer?

Redostat™ is the flagship product of Danntech Precision Instruments (Pty) Ltd – committed to supplying world-class precision laboratory equipment to researchers globally.

Danntech is guided by the following values:

  • Integrity - We are ethical and consistent in all our business dealings
  • Commitment - We will work together to achieve our vision.
  • People-centric - We deliver through winning relationships with our customers
  • Profitability - We will make profit while adding value to our customers
  • Service - We will not compromise on our quality of service

2. History – origins of Redostat™

Frank Crundwell initially developed the Redostat™ in the period 1993 to 1999 with a team of people to gain clarity on a research topic which had been debated for 35 years - the mechanism of bacterial leaching. 2 PhD and 2 MSc students gained their degrees from work using the Redostat™. This work was all in the field of bacterial growth and bacterial leaching.

See What can I do with Redostat™ for published experiments on the work by F.K. Crundwell, P.I. Harvey, Y. Driessens, T.A. Fowler and P.R. Holmes.

These articles are available on the ASM website at

3. Features

The Redostat™ system includes the reaction compartment, the electrodes and the agitation drive, and the sophisticated control system for achieving redox control. As a result, the system is a turnkey unit, saving the scientist time and money on the lengthy and expensive set-up costs in the experimental program.

  • pH control
  • Temperature
  • Redox potential control
  • Agitator speed indicator
  • Dissolved oxygen measurement
  • Computer control and data logging (16 bit A/D)

4. Systems specifications

Measurement and Control Parameters

1. Redox potential control to less than 1 mV of the set point.
2. Integral analogue input measurement and control outputs with 16-bit accuracy.
3. Temperature control with heater/circulator: control accuracy within 1 deg C.
4. Redox measurement range: 100 to 1000 mV.
5. Redox measurement accuracy: less than 1mV.
6. pH measurement range: 0 to 14 pH
7. pH measurement accuracy: 0.1 pH.
8. Oxygen measurement (optional) accuracy: 0.2 ppm.
9. Agitation speed measurement.

Reaction chamber

10. Reaction chamber is one compartment of a two-compartment electrochemical cell.
11. Ion exchange membrane separates compartments.
12. Size of reaction chamber to suit experiment: Sizes between 200 mL and 4L.
13. Removable ion exchange membrane.
14. Platinum plate/foil/gauze electrodes.
15. Removable lid to support various sensors and ancillary equipment.
16. Reaction chamber acid resistant.
17. Maximum temperature: 120 degrees C.
18. Overhead stirrer driven by variable speed stirrer.
19. Gas-tight seal on stirrer shaft for accurate monitoring of gas consumption.
20. Range of current to reaction chamber: 0 to 2000 mA.
21. Resolution for current control and control accuracy: less than 1 mA.
22. Cell voltage compliance: 15 V or 20 V.
23. Reaction chamber level alarm sensors.
24. Water bath level alarm and emergency cut-out.

REDOSTAT control unit

25. Electronics housed in compact desktop unit.
26. Touch screen interface for user-friendly operation.
27. Software provides full control, detailed measurement display and data-logging.
28. Connectors fitted to control unit for all electrical connections.
29. Individual disconnection of measurement cables.
30. TFT touch screen is IP65 NEMA 4 compliant.
31. Alarms, e-mail warnings and operating summaries available on Ethernet network.
32. Uninterrupted power supply.
33. SMS notification of status, warnings and alarms (optional).

5. Product brochure

Click here to download the Redostat™ brochure (0.9MB)