The Redostat advantage

1. Saving time and money

Enjoy a state of the art instrument and bear none of the costs of setup time.

Implementation of constant redox control usually takes between 6 months and 2 years of man-hours - depending on the level of support that you have at your disposal. This equates to about the value of a single MSc student for an entire year in labour, plus the equipment costs, which will be significant.

Redostat™ provides an instant solution, customized to suit your requirements– the savings in time alone justify the cost!

2. Competitive advantage

Redostat™ is a unique experimental apparatus that delivers high quality results.

The Redostat™ significantly improves the value of a researcher's time and experiments by making the experiments more accurate, more reliable and easier to interpret.

Very few experimenters bother to control redox potential – it is not generally done. This is because without Redostat™ the control of redox potential involves the addition of chemical reagents, either an oxidant or a reductant or both. The addition of another reagent into the system may interfere with the system under study – for example, in introducing peroxide to oxidise ferrous ions in an experiment on the dissolution of a mineral, the experimenter will not be able to determine to what extent the peroxide interferes with dissolution of the mineral. This becomes critical when the experiment involves sensitive materials, such as bacteria where the new chemicals may inhibit or kill the bacteria, or reactive surfaces where new chemicals may adsorb and interfere with the reaction under consideration.

Redostat™ will make a difference to all experiments that involve a redox couple. These are wide spread as the grains of sand.

3. Range of benefits

Redostat™ is the key to experimental success:

  • The Redostat™ is a unique, versatile and automated system for controlling and recording data from experiments.
  • The Redostat™ system ensures control of temperature, pH, redox, and dissolved oxygen.
  • It can be configured for the automatic addition of reagents during the experimentation period.
  • The Redostat™ package incorporates instrumentation and control systems in a compact bench unit.
  • The Redostat™ system is the ideal choice for obtaining results needed for the design and scale-up of critical unit operations.