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  • Do you battle to interpret data from your experiments?
  • Do you believe that you are not getting full value out of the experiments that you perform?

Now at last a solution is available - thanks to Redostat™. Developed by scientists for scientists, Redostat™ is a turnkey apparatus enabling the control of all the master variables, particularly redox potential, in both chemical and biological experiments.

The Redostat™ significantly improves the value of a researcher's time and experiments by making the experiments more accurate, more reliable and easier to interpret. In addition, the Redostat™ is tried, tested, and proven!

We believe that effective experimentation should never just be an option – it should be a given! With Redostat™, controlled redox potential enables scientists to take experiments to a new level where:

  • more precise data is generated that can be interpreted with greater certainty
  • unique experiments can be conducted with ease